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A Career in Mortgage Banking

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Do you want a rewarding career that will make some descent money?  Are you good with numbers?  Are you good with paperwork?  Do you like anything that has to do with money?  If you answered yes, you may be interested in a career in mortgage banking.  The best place to get an education on mortgage banking is at The American School of Mortgage Banking.  They guarantee success to all of there students.

The American School of Mortgage Banking can teach you all there is to know about mortgage banking.  They have several courses that teach you all aspects of mortgage banking.  The American School of Mortgage Banking offers a variety of courses at varying times.  Some are as short as a few hours, and some are as long as a few days.  Upon completion of their courses, The American School of Mortgage Banking also offers job placement and job assistance for as long as you need it.  They will also write you a letter of recommendation for future possible employers.  Lastly, you are offered free re-attendance to any courses you have completed, for those of you who would like a refresher to any courses you have completed

One of the first mortgage banking courses you should take is in loan origination and loan processing.  The first part of this course is an introduction to mortgage banking.  It then moves to how to figure the total loan amount and loan payment.  Next is buyer approval and qualifications.  Finally, this course goes over the different types of loans available and how to do the paper work for them.  At the end of the course you will receive a loan origination and loan processing certificate of completion.

The next mortgage banking course you should take is conventional underwriting.   This mortgage banking course will teach you the art of underwriting a conventional loan, appraisals, loan approval, liabilities, loan approval amount based on income, and the figuring of a down payment.  Upon completion of this course you will receive a conventional underwriting certificate of completion.

Another similar mortgage banking course you should take is FHA underwriting.   This mortgage banking course teaches you how to get a HUD loan approval, appraisals, insurance requirements, and FHA loan closing procedures.  At the end of the course, you will get an FHA underwriting certificate of completion. 

The American School of Mortgage Banking offers so much to its students.  They guarantee that upon completion of there courses you will be ready to get out into the work force and join other mortgage bankers.  You will leave knowing that you are going to be successful and you will also have a great deal of knowledge to take with you.

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