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Air Purifier Info For Dummies

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If you are in the dark about what air purifiers are and what

they actually do, you are not alone. Many people have at

least thought about the notion of improving their indoor air

quality, but quickly abandon the idea because of the

confusion surrounding the topic of air purifiers. Hopefully,

after reading this article, you will have a working

knowledge of air purifiers and how they work.

First of all, lets define the term air purifier. An air

purifier is a mechanism that is designed to free air from

contaminants. Different techniques are used to render this

task and these include filters, adsorbents, and

electrostatic charges. Asthma sufferers, those that have

allergies, and those with other respitory problems have the

most to gain from an air purifier.

Air purifiers work by drawing these contaminants

(pollutants, particles, and pollen) from within the air that

we are breathing. Harmful air is pulled into the air

purifier by the inlet grill. Some air purifiers have a

pre-filter that helps contain the larger of the airborne

particles. Air will then travel through the carbon filter

which will help reduce unpleasant odors. Then the air will

pass through another filter that is composed of many tightly

woven fibers. Finally, the fan redirects the filtered air

throughout the room.

There are several factors that must be taken into

consideration to determine how much expense will be involved

in the purchase of an air purifier. When considering cost,

you must look into how much the replacement filters will run

as well as how often they will need changed. What may appear

to be a bargain up front on a less expensive model, could

potentially cost you much more later on down the road. Also,

it is important to see if you can order the replacement

filters in bulk at a discounted rate. It is always a good

idea to find out from the manufacturer what the estimated

electrical usage will be and whether or not the air purifier

runs on a cycle or does it have to stay on constantly.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if an air

purifier is right for you and your family, but hopefully the

information contained here has given you a working knowledge

on what exactly air purifiers are and how they work.

About the Author

Reggie Dunn is a long time volunteer environmentalist and the webmaster of


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