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Are you slowly losing blood?

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If you take medication long term, chances are that you
might take several different drugs for major illness of
one kind or another.

Treating anxiety and panic attacks may involve either
counselling or drug therapy or both together.YOu might
take a drug such as prozac, paxil or Seroxat.
Some of these drugs are referred to as SSRI drugs
which is a short hand version of a fancy description
of how the drug works.

What you might not be aware of is that you need to be
careful with other medications of the aspirin variety.
Aspirin is known as a non steroidal anti-inflammatory
drug. It is abrreviated to NSAID.

There are other drugs known as NSAID drugs such as
Ibuprofen. You might even buy it with the name
ADVIL or NUROFEN for example. You have maybe even have
heard of, or take Naprosyn (naproxen).

When you take these anti headache anti arthritis
drugs long term with anxiety/depression medications
you have a higher risk of bleeding as a side effect.
This can occur over time and you might not notice at

Eventually you may consult your doctor for other reasons
such as feeling run down and tired.It might be due in
part to the slow loss of blood from your system!
You might be lacking iron and becoming anaemic.

Its a risk factor.Some are more at risk than others and
its something that needs discussion if these drugs
are taken long term together.

Every time you swallow an aspirin tablet, it causes
irritation to the lining of the stomach if no food is
present.If you had a tv screen inside you, a small
amount of blood might be seen.

This in itself is not a problem for the sake of one
or two tablets but when you take medication for chronic
illness its something you can't ignore.

Anti anxiety and anti-depressant drugs are widely
prescribed in the Western world.Typically these drugs are
taken for several months and many patients will need
them throughout their adult lives.

However as we all live longer lives it also means more
complex treatment regimens and the likelihood of side
effects that can impair quality of life for us.For an
anti-depressant drug to be of clinical value in
anxiety, panic attacks or depressive illness you must
take it for several weeks before it exerts its
maximum therapeutic effect.

Once that time period has passed you need to
continue for a few months or a relapse in your condition
could occur.This is when other medication taken at the
same time as a drug for escalating symptoms of panic
attacks or social anxiety disorders takes on a great deal
of significance.

Anti-depressant drugs that have the classification of SSRI
(serotonin re-uptake Inhibitor drugs) increase the risk of
internal bleeding when you regularly take a drug to
reduce inflammation in arthritis.

There are difficult choices to be made at times and your
doctor may advise that both are necessary at the same time
for some months, and even prescribe another medication to
lower the chances of ulceration...

Of course if you are regularly smoking in addition to
taking a drug combination illustrated above, are you
aware that this also causes irritation to the lining of
the stomach..even if you don't swallow pills!

Suffering from long term anxiety or panic attacks has a
range of issues to consider in your quest for a healthy life.
If you take a little time to find out whether any over the
counter medication could be inappropriate, you will avoid
potential side effects.

For more related information visit http:// www.AnxietyAttacksCure.com - a site that offers advice for avoiding, coping with anxiety and panic attacks. Get professional knowledge on dealing with symptoms, drug side effects and improving your life!


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