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How To Choose A Good Quality Vitamin Supplement For You And Your Family Without Getting Ripped Off
How To Choose A Good Quality Vitamin Supplement For You And Your Family Without Getting Ripped Off As you may have already experienced, figuring out how to choose a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement can be a confusing and time...
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Christopher Reeve To Have Promoted Basement Lab

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Chrisopher Reeve has died. But his vision of a “Cure” has not. Mr. Reeve, who became a quadripilegic after a horse riding accident in 1995, was best known as advocate for stem cell research which promises cures for spinal cord injuries. Shortly before his death he had planned to get behind a little known biotech driven offshore By President Bush’s restrictions on stem cell research. The “Cure” didn’t reach Christopher Reeve in time. But a cure for the paralysis that plagued the star –and ultimately led to his death may be in the test tubes in a basement lab in a small carribean island.

People all over the world are mouning the actor and activist, but the scientists at Gen Cells Cures lab were particularly saddened by the news. No one except the Actor and Gerald Armstrong of Gen Cells Cures new about Mr. Reeve’s plans to get behind the research of the now disabled biotech. Spokesperson Gerald Armstrong had this to say. “Not only did President Bush restrict the research … there are no public funds for our research. All of our operations are completely shut down until we can locate private money. I cried when I heard the news, where do we go from here. Along with millions of other people I mourn Christopher Reeves passing and extend my sincere condolences to his family. I pray the world embraces Christopher Reeves family, as they grieve the loss of their husband, father and son.”

Chritopher Reeves taught people two words: Hope and Cures-- Without hope we have nothing. As for Cures… Gen Cells Cures will finish the work.

Article by Gerald Armstrong- scientist0707@yahoo.com

Gerald is the owner of Gen Cells Cures- http://www.msnusers.com/cures

Visit his group for information on cures for incurable diseases and aging.

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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures a biotech dedicated to curing incurable diseases and aging. Introducing to the world, the miracle of private, personalized medical research for the individual. I am passionate about molecular biology and what we can do with science to find ugently needed cures for those people suffering from aging and incurable diseases.


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