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Current Thinking On Medicinal Marijuana?

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Seeing the Story from All Sides!

As the debate still rages over the use of Cannabis, hundreds of people who are sick and disable all over the UK who use Cannabis for Medicinal purposes are speaking out through an organisation called People Helping People ( P.H.P.) to give a more informed picture of how this amazing herb can help and how with understanding it can be used safely.

There have been recent media reports of how: Granny Tabram, feeds reporters Hash cakes (2). Thousands of sick and disabled put themselves in danger from street drugs (3). Children buy Soapbar and risk their health. Mental Health Charity blames smoking Cannabis for increase in Schizophrenia / Psychosis. (4) Political parties rethink the issue of Cannabis for election purposes (5).
None of these reports offer any information offering direction and advice regarding correct usage and understanding of the medicinal power of this herb.

To successfully use this herb as medication, the user must respect & understand it and know how to use it to get the best results.
Hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people worldwide have (and still do) self medicate with this herb and have achieved wonderful results. Their quality of life has increased, and they get great relief from their pain. Many people in the UK, with the help and support of P.H.P. are doing this now. People must be aware though that Cannabis is a dangerous substance if not used correctly, especially if it is ‘Soapbar’ they have obtained and not herbal cannabis. Not many people know the difference - do you?
P.H.P. has now launched an education campaign to help alert and advise users to this dangerous substance (1).

People Helping People, is a UK based non-profit organisation, run for many years now, by the sick and disabled, with a worldwide community. Their membership is growing daily, and they will stand firm and fight for the rights of their members to be able to use a natural unadulterated herb as their medication, and not have to endure the horrendous side effects from a chemically created pill.
They are a quiet and unassuming group of people, who are very distraught by the negative publicity and attacks their chosen medication is getting. They do not go out on the streets causing havoc and distress; they are a sound in mind, caring community of people, who just want to be able to live their lives free from pain and discomfort and to be able to help each other along life’s path.
They were enraged over the incident of Granny Tabram passing out cannabis cakes to reporters; this was not only irresponsible but also very dangerous.
Their wish is to share how the controlled and sensible use of this wonderful herb, has helped change lives for the better and offer help, advice and support to others who are suffering or being abused by street suppliers and don’t know who to turn to and also to highlight the dangers of the substance known as Soapbar.

There is still Huge Confusion regarding Cannabis, or what is thought to be Cannabis (Soapbar) and the medicinal use of Cannabis.
Used in a measured respectful manner, Cannabis is a wonderful herb that can and does help thousands of people worldwide. Many sick and disabled people who have heard about Cannabis are not given the correct information on how to use it and how it can help them and a safe place to source it from; this must change and fast before any more suffer due to adulterated Soapbar.

To find out more about P.H.P. and what they do and how they can help, visit their website and forum. You can also obtain a copy of their ‘Soapbar’ information leaflet from the website, giving all the information needed to help protect yourself and your family from this evil concoction that is so freely available in the UK.

Website: http://www.people-helping-people.org.uk
Forum: http://bbs.people-helping-people.org.uk
Contact: pressoffice@people-helping-people.org.uk
Tel: 07092862025


(1) Soapbar Know the Facts –
http://www.people-helping-people.org.uk/ - Information section – Soapbar

(2) What big highs you have, granny;

(3) http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/extra/series2/cannabis.shtml

(4) Kids Go Mental On Cannabis ( Soapbar! ) - Times on line article

(5) Now drugs are an election issue - Times on line article
I am disabled with MS and I am a volunteer helper for the organisation called People Helping People


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