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Fiber Supplements to Beat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
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Your Finger Nails Talk To You About Your Health

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Your Finger Nails Talk To You About Your Health

Your nails can tell you some things about your health. Look at yours and then read this:

If you have little white spots in your nails, and you have not bumped or banged your fingers, It may be a zinc deficiency.

Spoon shaped nails may be inherited or could be a clue to a thyroid deficiency or Iron deficiency anemia.

Nails that have no “moon” or white crescent at the base, and are thin and brittle may indicate an underactive thyroid.

Clubbing could indicate chronic lung disease, congenital heart disease or a hereditary defect.
Other problems such as being thin and brittle, pitting or peeling could be an indication of nutritional deficiencies or problems with the chemicals you are using on your nails such as nail polish remover or nail polish.

So if you find unhealthy nails, ask yourself what needs to change. Symptoms are the way your body talks to you so that you do something about it. Are you listening?


Tip by Jeannie Crabtree C.Ac. Learn more about getting to the bottom of your health problems with Healthy Solutions Newsletter from http://www.health-doc.com


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