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Protein Won't Make You Fat: Myth #1
How many magazines have you read where they tell you to take in X grams of protein? How many times have you see .75g of protein per lb of bodyweight or 1g maybe 1.5 for the advanced athlete or better yet 2g for the guy who really wants to grow! All...
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The Versatility of Inflatable Kayaks

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When you think of kayaks you most likely picture a kayak constructed from plastic or a composite of fiberglass and Kevlar. However, kayaks have been available in inflatable form for several decades. These kayaks are not like the simple inflatable water toys in your swimming pool. Inflatable kayaks provide durability and stay afloat easily. Plus, inflatable kayaks have superior tracking abilities compared to inflatable boats. These are just a snippet of the countless features that bring confidence and interest to many kayakers.

Inflatable kayaks have several advantages. They weigh less then their plastic and composite counter parts. They are easily mobile and can be carried by one person versus the need for several people to move a hard-hull kayak. Inflatable kayaks can be used on day tours, camping trips, and sea kayaking. If you have little storage space available, then an inflatable kayak will suit your needs. It can be quickly stored in a compact area.

Experienced kayakers may doubt the durability of inflatable kayaks, especially with regards to sea kayaking. Inflatable kayaks bode quite well on the sea. In fact, inflatable kayaks are puncture resistant. If a puncture does occur, then it can be patched up quickly. A puncture will not lead to a sinking kayak because of the structure of the inflatable kayak.

What type of inflatable kayak will best suit your kayaking needs? There are several brands and models of inflatable kayaks to choose from. Do you want speed or stability in your kayak? If you desire speed then a long, slender kayak will be a good option. If stability weighs on your decision then a short, wide kayak will be an effective match. There are more detailed factors to consider such as payload capacity. Consult an inflatable kayak specialist before purchasing your kayak.

Do kayaking techniques differ for inflatable kayaks? Since inflatable kayaks are lightweight they can fall prey to windy conditions and rough waters. One way to remedy this situation is to sit forward and paddle close to the kayak. Additional equipment can also alleviate adverse side effects of rough waters. Confer with a kayaking professional before using an inflatable kayak. They can tailor their advice to your kayaking experience level.

How much does an inflatable kayak cost? You may have local brick-and-mortar kayaking and hiking stores in your town where you can buy a kayak. However, the Internet offers a bevy of choices. Many inflatable kayak manufacturers have company websites where you can order your kayak. You can also do comparison price research by going to such websites as http://www.nexttag.com. Prices can range from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. With a little research you can find an inflatable kayak that has the features you want at a price you can afford.

Monica Marty is a kayaking fan and the webmaster of http://kayakingisfun.com/


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