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Alameda Writers Group, Cannes Film Festival, Academy of Country Music Awards, Headline May Show Business and Media Events

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The 45th edition of the Festival Rose d'Or happens May 3-8 in the alpine setting on the shores of Lake Lucerne. The Festival continues to host the international competition for television entertainment, that attracts programme producers and entertainment executives. Emerging Latino filmmakers and producers whose work is contributing toward the face of the New Latino Film New Wave and who have not had a major commercial theatrical release are featured in NewLatino Filmmakers Screening on May 4 at Anthology Film Archives in New York. The 26th W.C. Handy Blues Awards at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in Memphis on May 5 features a pre-party and the Awards with dinner and performances by your favorite Handy nominees. The 34th Annual Key Art Awards honors movie marketing and advertising. A pre-show reception at 6 pm for the May 5 event at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. CSI Staff Writer David Rambo will address an Alameda Writers Group meeting on May 7 in Glendale. His talk will be titled "From the Stage to the Crime Lab: One Playwright's Journey Into Series Television." A BMI Round Table meeting covers topics that include performing rights, BMI's history, how the Nashville music industry operates, and tips to help you become the songwriter you want to be at a May 9 session in Nashville. This year the Cannes Film Festival runs from May 11-22 and includes special presentations like European Day aside from the regular fare. The Spritual Cinema Festival takes place at sea for a seven day cruise of the carribean aboard Holland America's MS Zuiderdam leaving from Ft. Lauderdale on May 14 and returning May 21. The 31st Annual Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards happens May 15 in New York and Los Angeles and are presented to daytime television programs that are broadcast nationally between the hours of 2 am and 6 pm. At the Broadcast Cable Financial Management Annual Conference running May 15-17 in New Orleans, more than 100 speakers/panelists will provide the latest information on accounting, taxes, human resources, technology, television, radio, cable, and credit and collection issues. The 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards will be held May 17 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Events Center in Las Vegas, and air live on CBS-Television. On May 18 in New York's Florence Gould Hall, MI composer Michael Whalen presents Music in the Dark 3 - extemporaneous scores for new silent films. At Orlando's Florida Music Festival and Conference happening May 18 to 21, all Industry passes allow unlimited access to the Rooftop Industry Cocktail Parties including complimentary drinks and refreshments. At the Danville International Children's Film Festival, view over 75 films made for children and by children, from May 20-22 in Danville. Jim Marshall, portrait, Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer and author presents “Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends: The Proof is in the Light” at Clickers & Flickers' photography-networking dinner, May 26 at The Castaway in Pasadena. At the Kauai Music Festival in Kauai, learn songwriting, consult one-on-one with music industry people, get your music heard in small group seminars and in a songwriting competition, all taking place May 26 to 29.

The above events are only a sampling of what is listed. Many of events above have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Complete details are on the "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at http://www.actorschecklist.com/news.html.

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