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Billing Woes For Telcos

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The rapid rise in the telecom industry over the last few years has been an event cheered by many. Today, Indian market is the second largest growing market in the world. And considering the vastly increasing population coupled with increasing economic prosperity, the telecom companies have nothing to fret about. Yet, there are certain chains that are shackling the growth in the telecom. While many companies have paid due emphasis to coverage technology, installing expensive equipment all across for better coverage, they are yet to pay proper attention to their back-end, mostly importantly the billing systems.

Quite many telecom companies still have in place archaic billing systems, these software applications were bought off-the-shelf and are complex beyond imagination. Not are they slow on processing or what is better known as 'turn around' time, but are also not scalable to the ever-changing needs of the company. Hence, there are still a lot of services (related to billing) that many operators are unable to provide.

In such a scenario, Swastik Infotech Pte Ltd. has launched one of the most revolutionary telecom billing system in the marketplace. Christened as e-Biller, this system promises to put an end to all the discrepancies that arise out of the traditional billing systems. The biggest breakthrough of e-Biller over other such systems is the ease that it offers to the companies to plug in new services without any hassles.

This innovative billing system has been designed keeping in mind the present needs and the future requirements of the telecom companies. It is scalable and can be easily configured to suit the changing requirements. It is also easily compatible with latest technologies like ASP.Net (Active server pages) and works efficiently in Dot Net platform.

e-Biller is a robust system that has been rigorously tested for any sort of inconsistencies. It also comes from the stables of Swastik Infotech, a company having an enviable track record in the marketplace.

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Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing specialist since 1998 and managing www.siplnet.com E-Biller is a robust system that has been rigorously tested for any sort of inconsistencies from the stables of Swastik Infotech, having an enviable track record in the marketplace. You can reprint this article as long as you keep resourcebox intact with the links. http://www.e-biller.com (Next Generation Billing Software) http://www.siplnet.com


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