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VoIP Communications Set Up Demo With Circuit City's

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893 Highway 138 W Suites 10
Stockbridge, GA 30281

December 9, 2004

Circuit City Store
ATTN: General Manager/Mr. Will Hughes
1906 Mt Zion Road
Morrow, GA 30360

Dear Mr. Will Hughes:
Per request by Mrs. Sara, at the Circuit City Corporate Main Office at 1.800.251.2665 at 1054 am, on Dec 8, 2004, suggested and approved that we contact you on my company letter head about setting up a VoIP Communications Demo Display VideoPhone in your store area during the holiday. (All Metro-Outlet) With these arrangements, the VoIP Communications will conduct media ads with your store demo, for the shopper to visit and see the display VideoPhones.

We are an Atlanta start-up VoIP Communications with Escape International and 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT), the Packet8 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications service provider, announced the availability of its DTA Broadband Phone Adapter and DV 326 Broadband Videophone at VoIP Communications http://www.voippacket8.net with Escape International Company: http://www.escapeinternational.com/, whose broadband VideoPhone service with Freedom Unlimited U.S & Canada Video calling broadband software lets anyone become a small-scale Internet business provider, Virtual Office hosted PBX Services and a Home-based business.

The Founder, Chairman and CEO of VoIP Communications, Nate Perkins, says it's close to letting people create their own miniature phone networks as well as a small home business.

RECOMMENDED: By Consumer Guru CLACK HOWARD “Internet Phone Line Save Money” “Good Deals available from Packet8” AJC ( Atlanta Journal & Constitution) 11/20/04

The Videophones allow subscribers to see each other as they speak. The number Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) households is expected to mushroom to 18 million by 2008 as service quality increases, already inexpensive rates continue to drop and more homes get broadband, which VoIP operators usually require.

Mr. Hughes, if you agrees with the agreements, we will only need a very small area to display the VideoPhones demo. We have enclosed the company’s coupon and PRESS RELEASE for your and your staff information.
If you need any more information, please call me at 678.565.8633 or email: CEO @ voipcommunications.com


Nate Perkins
VoIP Communications

893 Highway 138 W Suites 10. Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 1.866.904.VoIP (8647)

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